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Gene Clark - You Better Move On tab

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You Better Move On

E						 B
I know you'd buy her fancy clothes, diamond rings
A						 E
But I know she is happy with me without those things
I heard you say to her that you are gonna set her free
F#m               E
But that is never gonna be
                       F#m    A              
As long as she will be with me

A               E   F#m
You better move on
A           E   F#m
Better move on

A                F#m           E
You know I can't blame you for wanting her
A            F#m                        E
But get this straight, man, you know shes my girl
A                      F#m                    E
And you know that Ill never never ever gonna set her free
C#m       A                 B
'Cause I, I really love her so


I think youd better go on now
Im gonna get mad
You ask me to give up the only girl I've ever had
You know my friend that is never gonna be
You see that I love her so
I'll never ever let her go

Chorus (repeat and fade)

by: Jos Duarte
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