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Gene Pitney - Keep Tellin Yourself tab

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Keep Tellin' Yourself

Bbm  F             F+          Bb
Keep tellin' yourself it's not over
She still loves you
     F           Am              Bb     Bbm  
Keep tellin your heart she still cares, Yeah...

    F               Dm            Am  Bb
And if it helps you sleep without crying
     F      Bb               F 
Keep lyin', keep tellin' yourself
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F                     F+       Bb 
Keep tellin' yourself she will miss 
The way you kiss her
     F             Am             Bb    Bbm
Keep thinkin' your girl is coming home, Yeah...

    F                Dm         Am  Bb
And if it stops your heart from breaking
     F         Bb               F
Keep thinkin', keep tellin' yourself

             Dm                                   Dm+ (D F Bb notes)
You say that things are still the way they always were
         G                              Bbm 
You even think tomorrow night you'll be with her

Keep tellin' yourself that any day now 
she will call you
You made up your mind she'll return, Yeah...

And if it gets you through another day well hey
That's okay, keep tellin' yourself

by: Josť Duarte
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