Gene Pitney - Little Betty Falling Star tab

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Little Betty Falling Star

Em			  E+
I put you up there, so far above me
E6            E7 
An angel star just meant to love me 

 C         Am 		  C         Am
(sha la la sha la la la) (sha la la sha la la la)

 F              G
'Till something happened to you
C                 F      G
You used to shine in the blue
C                 F G        C
And the world was under your spell
      F             G       C
'Till down from the sky you fell
             F  G    C
Little Betty falling star

(sha la la sha la la la) (sha la la sha la la la)

No star was ever so bright
And we would meet every night
Now my empty arms long for you
I just can't believe we're through
Little Betty falling star


     F        G  C
Well you made me cry
          F              G
Would you please tell me why

I turned out to be so wrong
Where is my star, why has it gone
There's no quarrel we cannot patch
So I'm waiting her to catch
Little Betty falling star

by: Josť Duarte
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