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Donna Means Heartbreak

Intro: Fm   C#  C7  Fm

Fm            D#    G#   C#   D#
Donít mention Donna when Iím around 
G#   Bb G#      Bb       C                       Fm 
When I hear her name the world just turns upside down 

          Fm 		      C#	
To others Donna mean beauty, Donna means heaven 
D#               Cm
Donna means ecstasy
    C#          D#            C7
But Donna means heartbreak to me 
I still remember her soft caress 
The touch of her lips and the warmth of her tenderness 
    G#                             Fm
She ran around like there was no tomorrow 
          G#					   Fm
And every boy in town knew the thrill of Donnaís kiss 
    C#                     D#
And all the time I thought she was mine 
She belonged to everyone, everyone, every, every, everyone 
Instrumental verse

Chorus +:
      C#          D#            Fm
Yeah, Donna means heartbreak to me

by: Josť Duarte
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