Gene Pitney - Think Of Us tab

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Think Of Us

Intro:  Am  D  G

G			 Am
I keep on asking myself why,
E                             B7
Just when we learn to live we die
C           D		   G
And all our memories have crumble into dust
C         D		    G
We simply do the things we do because we must

C              D                    B7              Em        
Trying hard to keep the good times, hoping we’ll forget the bad times
C                  G         D       G
Wondering if we’ll ever be together again

         G				  Am
Think of me, think of you, think of our life together
           D                            G
And you’ll see that the two of us could live together 
                 G7              C
May our days be enough, may they last forever
Cm       G           D              G
Think of me, think of you, think of us

It seems a thousand years have passed
Since the day I saw you last
And all the times between  I never let you down
I never doubted that some day you’d came around

To think in the way that I do, hoping that some day I’d see you
Trying hard to bring us back together again


Chorus in A (chords: E  A  Bm  E  A  A7  D  Dm   A  E  A)

by: José Duarte
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