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Gene Pitney - Shady Lady tab

Shady Lady 
(Gene Pitney)

E     G#m 		   A    B
Shady lady brings me down
E       G#m   A      B
Day and night hiding out  
 E      G#m 	     A  B
(I'm so afraid to come ooout)
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E          G#m 		A    B
She got no reason to be shy
E      G#m	   A         B          E     G#m
Pretty face no reason to hide her reality
           A           E     B7
And like a mystery she haunts me

E     B           A
Shady lady in disguise
         B7                     E         
Let your hair hang down on this heart of mine
You're wasting so much time

Every day I see it more
The masquerade is silly cos your personality
Is like a symphony before me


By Josť Duarte
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