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Gene Pitney - Save Your Love tab

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Save Your Love

F         Bb    F         C 
Save your love, save your love

Iíve just left yesterday 
       C7                                       F
and it seems just like a year since youíve been gone
        Fm                           C
Cause a day without you is a year or two  

Iíll come back soon youíll see
And weíll make up for that day so lovingly
For my heart wonít let me stay far away

C#			  F#
I wanna hold you close to me (and kiss you)
D#                     G# 
I wanna kiss you tenderly (I miss you)
F                            Bb 
I know that youíre a million miles away (so far)
G				    C     C7
I know thereís only one thing I can say, ooh


Verse w\ la la las

Bridge + Chorus

by: Josť Duarte
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