Gene Pitney - Angelica tab

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Each night I meant to say I missed her through the day
           C              Dm
But I'd forget it I never said it
I'd pass the flower shop Lord knows I meant to stop
              C                Dm
But I'd say tomorrow perhaps tomorrow

Tomorrow there'd be time
Am                 Dm 
There'd always be another spring
Time to make her laughter ring
A                A7
Time to give her everything

       D   G     A      D    
For my Angelica, my Angelica
There's so much you never knew
 				  F#m     G      F#m      G
So much I always meant to say and do for you, for you
    D    C  Bb  A7   Dm

And then the cold winds came and when I spoke her name
And held her near me she couldn't hear me
The shadow had been cast, too many springs had passed
For Angelica sweet Angelica

Now in my silent room 
I tend the flowers that I'd buy
As they slowly fade and die
Watered by the tears I cry


by: Josť Duarte
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