Generationals - Our Time 2 Shine chords

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C, Em, Dm, F x2

 (verse 1)
C                      Em            Dm,   F
Is that your girl, she tries so very hard.
C                    Em                  Dm                   F
When it gets late at night, does she not wonder where you are?

Dm                            C
And in the future, they'll be cars that fly,
Em                        Dm      
and I'll bet that she has found another guy,
and she will look at you.

C, Em, Dm, F x 4
C                      Em                   Dm,   F
Is that your girl, she laughs just like the rest.
C                   Em                     Dm                      F
She dresses nice at night, she's got those jewels across her chest.
C            Em             
And she will make you sorry,
Dm                                 F
this time of night you'll see that she's already
C                Em              Dm                F
found another you.

 (chorus 2)
Dm                          C           
You got the message drivin' late at night,
Em                            Dm
it's gettin' dark but you can still make out the line,
"You'll be back soon."

C, Em, Dm, F x 4 (solo)

(repeat verse 1)
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