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Genesis - Can Utility And The Coastliners tab

Can-Utility and the coastliners - Genesis

Tabbed by: Ziyon Amram

Here is a beautiful Genesis piece taken from the album “Foxtrot”, dedicated to legendary
King Canute (hence the “Can-Utility”).

Likewise other Genesis tracks from that era (e.g. The Cinema Show, The Musical Box) this
is also composed of a basic song followed by unrelated instrumental filler before a
closing section.

The transcription below relates to the basic song, written by the band’s guitarist Steve
Originally it’s played on a 12-string which gives it a much greater depth, but a
will do too. Enjoy!

Tuning: Standard

Chord notes:
9 refers to ADD 9th (major or minor) rather than 7th AND 9th marked as 7/9

(Note – same playing appears also on the song bar marked with (*) )

     B       B9   B       Eb          B                 (pause)

Part A:

D              Bb6         C       B(addE)
The scattered pages of a book by the sea

            Em7  Em(addG)-Em-A7sus4-A7
Held by the sand, washed by the waves

   D      Asus4   G6    A7sus4
A shadow forms cast by a cloud,

   D    Asus4   G6      A7
Skimming by as eyes of the past, but the

B              B9    B     Eb          B (*)
rising tide absorbs them effortlessly claiming.

D             G        Asus4-A
They told of one who tired of all singing,

Bm      A     Bm      A
"Praise him, praise him."

B            Em-Em7-Em6    A7
"We heed not flatterers," he cried,

 D        Asus4   G6    A7sus4-A7
"By our command, waters retreat,

 D   Asus4   G6       A7
Show my power, halt at my feet,"

B                            G6   G    A7sus4
But the cause was lost, Now cold winds blow.

Part B:

D             F6    Bb      Bb6    C
Far from the north overcast ranks advance

D             F6     Bb6           C C7
Fear of the storm accusing with rage and scorn.

F          Bb6                  C7
The waves surround the sinking throne

         Dm7     C    Dm7   C
Singing "Crown him, crown him,"

 D  Asus4   G6   A7sus4-A7
"Those who love our majesty

 D   Asus4         G6          A7
show themselves!" All bent their knees.


                        Dm7 x 3     D7/9       Dm7 x 3    D7/9

That’s actually the end of the main song. The 2-chord riff above turns into full chord
and continues through the Mellotron filler on to the next verse…

Dm7 x 3                     D7/9
But he forced a smile even though

          Dm7 x 3                   D7/9 … Dm7x3   D7/9
His hopes lay dashed where offerings fell         (where they fell).

Here goes the organ solo then the guitar solo through the closing section…

F       Fsus4    F     Bb6       F       Fsus4     F     Bb6
"Nothing can my peace destroy as long as no-one smiles."

F       Fsus4    F     Bb6       F       Fsus4     F
More opened ears and opened eyes, and soon they dared to laugh.

 Bb                                C
See a little man with his face turning red

  Bb                                   C
Though his story's often told you can tell he's dead.

That's it, hope you liked it. Send me your comments if you have any. Cheers!
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