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Genesis - For Absent Friends chords

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For Absent Friends - Genesis

Intro:  |A(picked note) D/A      |Em    D A|

D         D/C#          D/C
Sunday at six when they close both the gates
D Em D     Em
A wi dowed pair
D     Em D    A7
Still sitting there,
G      Em        A        D 
Wonder if theyre late for church
        D/C#          D/C             
And its cold, so they fasten their coats
D   Em    D   Em     D      Em D    A7  
And cross the grass, theyre al ways last.

Passing by the padlocked swings,
    F#sus4 F#
The roundabout still turning,
Ahead they see a small girl
       E7              A7sus4
On her way home with a pram.

Repeat Intro

D          D/C#   
Inside the archway,
    D/C                     D Em   D    Em  
The priest greets them with a courteous nod.
D   Em    D  A7
Hes close to god.
G       Em      A       D               D/C#  
Looking back at days of four instead of two.
Years seem so few (four instead of two).
D     Em   D  Em 
Heads bent in prayer
D   Em      D   A7
For friends not there.

Leaving twopence on the plate,
     F#sus4 F#      F#sus4 F#                 B7 
They hurry down the  path     and through the gate

And wait to board the bus
     E7              A7sus4
That ambles down the street.

Outro:  Same as intro, ends on strummed D.
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