Genesis - Guide Vocal chords

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Intro: G#m9aug(or add E if you prefer)

Play  G#5 whole notes with the left hand

Right Hand:

Eighth Notes: going up(A# B D# E)  coming down(B A# G# D#) x4  

Eb/G              [ch]Bbm7/F[/ch]              [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]
 I am the one who guided you this far

        [ch]Bb/Eb[/ch]    Gm          Dm
All you know and all you feel

Dm6                     Am
Nobody must know my name

    Dm6                    [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]                       Eb
For nobody would understand      and you kill what you fear

  [ch]Bbm7/F[/ch]                 [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]
I call you for I must leave

               Bb/F  Gm         Dm
You're on your own until the end

      Dm6                           Am
There was a choice but now it's gone

  Dm6                         Em7/A 
I said you wouldn't understand     
            [ch]Fmaj7/G[/ch]  G/F     A Add9 A Aadd9 A A
take what's yours,    and be damned

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