Genesis - Dusk chords

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Intro: B

 See my hand is moving touching all that's real
 And once it stroke love's body now it claws the past

A               B
 The scent of a flower
A                  B
 The colors of the morning
Em6           F# 
 Friends to believe in
Em6            F#
 Tears soon forgotten
 Bm7        E            B
 See how the rain drives away, another day

 If a leaf has fallen does the tree lie broken?
 And if we draw some water does the well run dry?

A              B
 The sigh of a mother
A                 B
 The screaming of lovers
Em6             F#    Em6                 F#
 Like two angry tigers, they tear at each other
 Bm7       E           B
 See how for him lifetime's fears disappear

Bm E (x2)

A [ch]C#dim7[/ch]

Bm Gm Bm

Gm7 CM7 (x2)

Em B

 Once a Jesus suffered Heaven could not see him
 And now my ship is sinking the captain stands alone

A              B
 A pawn on the chessboard
   A                            B
 A false move by God will now destroy me
     Em6            F#       Em6                  F#
 But wait, on the horizon, a new dawn seems to be rising
 Bm7       E              B 
 Never to recall this passerby, born to die

Outro: Em B
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