Genry Gene - Trading Breaths chords

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Hi! I tried to combine the chords and the lyrics that I found on youtube. I hope it's a 
little clear this way (: I still have to figure out how the chorus goes, but when it's 
clear, I'll put it together. Good luck and enjoy

Tuning: EADGBE


F Dm C F Bb C


           F                Dm      C
I'm from houses that cuddle in the dark,
      F                         Dm     C
cozy beds, spoiled bones, and sleepy phones.
         F               A       Bb
I knew foamy white waves on the shore
      F                     D      E      F
that took out wide-brimmed hats on ocean tours.

       F              Dm           C
Early mornings I swam across the brook
           F               Dm      C
and spent rainy days with burning books.
       F                 A               Bb
I saw pianos give birth and friendships last,
     F                     D   E       F
but once I saw you, it was all in the past.
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