Geoff Moore - When All Is Said And Done chords

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When All is Said and Done
Geoff Moore

F, Bb,
F, Bb, 
Dm, Bb, Gm, C, F

Verse 1:
                  F                  Bb
When the music fades into the past
                  F                      Bb
When my days of life are through
                 Dm                         Bb
What will be remembered of where Iíve come
          Gm     C            F
When all is said and done

Verse 2:
                 F                       Bb
Will they say I loved my family
            F                     Bb
That I was a faithful friend
            Dm                 Bb
That I lived to tell of Godís own Son
           Gm    C           F
When all is said and done

Eb            Dm                      C
Of how I longed to see the hour
Eb                    Dm                       C
When I would hear that trumpet sound
Eb    Dm                  C                   
And rise to see my Saviorís face
Bb/D       Gm                           C
See Him smile and say ďWell DoneĒ

Verse 3:
                    F                                Bb
You can forget my name and the songs Iíve sung
            F                         Bb
Every rhyme and every tune
           Dm                           Bb
But remember the truth of Jesusí love
F/A     Gm   C            Dm
When all is said and done
           Bb    C            F
When all is said and done
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