George Azzi - And So I Loved chords

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And So I Loved

Words and music by George Azzi

Ambrosia Records
If you are have having trouble, just listen to the song. It can be found on 
Youtube or at
All chords are relevant to half-step down tuning. **Play it like its tuned standard**

Intro (Fingerpicked) G|Em|G|Em 

This is played the third time through. Starts 1/4 of the way through the G:



G                            Em

The sun always sets at early hours

        C                  D         Em

Cos the nights are way too long for me

G                                 Em   

I should be sleeping but my dreams hurt

C          D             Em

And nobody knows it but me

G              D             Em

I look for comfort in the wisdom

  C         D             Em

Of all the chaos and the grief

G           D               Em

I hear your name through the oblivion

    C                  D           G  D/F#  Em

And gets easier to breathe


      G      B7

Am I alive


Or am I free

         G       D      Em

And so I what?

 C         G

I've loved before

        B7        C

Is it not best to ignore?


I'm sure


  Em              G     Cadd9   D

Immunity is not a grace   of    mine

            Em               G   Cadd9  D

When I'm at peace, I face my own de-mise


I cannot fight

 D                G    D/F#

without you by my side

   Em                C

So darling don't bow out


And maybe I'll survive


When I'm alone I'm so much better

But when you're around, I'm not able to leave

So I withdraw as you come closer

Cos darling carry blade that my heart won't let you see


I'm not alive

But at least I'm free

And so I'll what?

I've loved before, I heard it's best to ignore

I'm sure


Immunity is not a grace of mine

When I'm at peace, I face my own demise

I will not fight

Without you by my side

So darling don't bow out

And maybe I'll survive

     Am             Em

I remember the frontlines

     Am                     Em

I remember...I remember the fights

            C                 G  D/F#  Em

And looking back, I had no alibis

   B7                         G  D  Em

So please girl...come home to me


C      G    B 7

Set me alive


But don't set me free

      G              D            Em   C

Yes I loved...yes, I loved, yes I loved


And this time,

B7      C

I'll ignore

D  Em   G   Cadd9  D

No mooo-ooo-oooooo-re

              Em   G   Cadd9  D

This time I'm suuu-uuu-uuuuuu-re


That I will not fight

D                 G  D  Em

without you by my side


So don't bow out...


So I can survive...

Outro (Fingerpicked) G|Em|G|Em

This is easily one of the most beautiful and original songs I have ever heard. 
Check out to listen. I have never taken the time to tab 
anything out. In fact, I have always used for my tabs and have 
never registered until hearing this song and wanting to make tabs available to 
all. Please enjoy.
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