George Benson - Breezin chords

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Yo baby down,

What's up
It's time to let em know about what
The city that we come from
But they just try to play ya

(Repeat for rest of song)
And some say our city don't be bumpin
Yeah Whatever.
So break em off a little something
My pleasure,
I'm high off of zigzags
Smoke through the city where I roam
And I call it home
Full of Samoans, Mexicans, Africans, Americans, Caucasians, can't forget about the Asians
We all blend it to represent
The city that we groove to love
We're tighter than OJ's blood
So whatchu thinkin of,
A place where everybody knows your name, your face, your number, your sister and your brother.
And it's cool like that,
How we chill like that.
Homies don't slang no more, no time to bang no more.
That's all
And we're brand new & improved,
We got our own set of rules. that's if you coo', we coo'
Baby down, cartoon, Ms.Rachel just for you
So slip into the mood, and let yo booty groove while I'm

Through my city
Feelin fine
Cuase everybody's havin a good time
In the city,
Is where we be chillin
All the time
Cause everybody's havin a good time.
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