George Harrison - Long Long Long chords

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Artist:   George Harrison
Song:     Long, Long, Long (1968)
Album:    The Beatles (White Album)
Written:  George Harrison
Style:    Slow Waltz
Author:   Tab annotated by rikigo []

Tuning: Standard

A         =========== X02220
G         =========== 320003
F#m       =========== 244222
Em        =========== 022000
D         =========== XX0232
A7        =========== X02020
Em11      =========== 000000

Capo 3

| Em G | Em D |

Verse 1:
A           G    F#m  Em   D
It's been a long long long time,
A                     Em   D   A
How could I ever have lost you
Em     D     A    A7
When I loved you.

Verse 2:
A         G    F#m  Em   D
It took a long long long time,
A                  Em    D   A
Now I'm so happy I found you
Em    D    A   A7
How I love you

G       D           A     Em   Em
So many tears I was searching,
G       D           A  Em    G   A
So many tears I was wasting, oh. Oh-

Verse 3:
A        G    F#m  Em D
Now I can see you, be you
A                 Em    D   A
How can I ever misplace you
Em    D    A   A7
How I want you

Em   D    A
Oh I love you
Em              D         A
You know that I need you.
Em    D    A    Em11
Ooh I love you. O-o-Oh.


1. This simplified version corrects an array of previous chord TAB's.
2. It matches the recorded version.
3. In his autobiography, George Harrison spoke briefly about the song, describing how 
its music had been inspired by the final track on Bob Dylan's 'Blonde On Blonde' album -
        "The 'you' in Long, Long, Long is God. I can't recall much about it except the chords, 
which I think were coming from Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands - D to E minor, A, and D - 
those three chords and the way they moved." - George Harrison [I Me Mine, 1980]
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