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George Harrison - Anna Julia tab

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Artist: george harrison
Song: anna julia
Tunning: standard

Intro:(Eb Cm)

  Eb           Cm

Eb                 Cm           Gm
Canít you hear that lonely symphony
     Ab      Bb       Eb
Itís playing just for me
Eb       Cm         Gm
It's the same old misery
       Ab          Bb
Trying to bring me down
Eb    Cm                 Gm
And I just wanna cry out loud
    Ab       Bb    Eb
And tell you how I feel
Eb          Cm            Gm
Seeing your face in every crowd
   Ab        Bb         Cm
is making my heart beat harder.
Cm                   Gm
For the chance to be near you
and whenever I see you
and thereís nothing can hold me down.
        Eb    Ab Bb
Oh Anna Julia
        Eb    Ab Bb
Oh Anna Julia
Eb                 Cm           Gm
All the guys that follow you around
     Ab      Bb         Eb
are trying to catch your eye
Eb              Cm          Gm
They just think that Iím a clown
    Ab       Bb    Eb
Iím crazy to even try
Eb            Cm          Gm
But when I see you on the street
        Ab      Bb       Eb
My whole world starts to change
Eb       Cm               Gm
Then the blood beneath my feet
       Ab            Bb     Cm
starts burning me up like a fire
and I feel like Iím falling
Thatís when I hear you calling
Hold my breath and look around.
        Eb    Ab Bb
Oh Anna Julia
        Eb    Ab Bb
Oh Anna Julia
(Eb Ab Bb) 3x
 Cm Gm Ab Eb
 Cm Gm Ab Bb
Cm           Gm            Ab           Eb
Pray for the day when your love sets me free
       Cm             Gm
People say thereís no way
          Ab             Eb
that your loveís not for me
    Cm              Gm
But thereíll come a day
       Ab                  Eb
When I tell you all that I feel
    Cm                Gm
and theyíll stand and watch
          Ab             Bb
while you walk away with me
        Eb    Ab Bb
Oh Anna Julia
        Eb    Ab Bb
Oh Anna Julia
        Eb    Ab Bb
Oh Anna Julia
        Eb     Ab     Bb             Eb
Oh Anna Julia, Julia, Julia... ow ow ow..
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