George Harrison - Mother Divine tab

song: mother divine
album: beware of abkco

i'm not sure of all the lyrics, but i'm fairly certain of the chords so here goes.
if anyone one knows the lyrics, please correct them.

intro riff (also verse):

   A                    Fmaj7


bridge (also same chords as bridge "was beauty itself...):

A  E  A  D


mother divine

mother divine

A         D  A  E
mother divi--i--ine

A   E

verse 1 (over intro riff)

A                    Fmaj7        A
 haloed and splendor womb     her face
tenderly smiling too

    A      E
was beauty itself and i
A                 D
know that she loves me

chorus 4x

verse 2

circled in sunlight moves     her eyes
joyfully shining through

is beauty itself and i
know that she loves me

chorus 6x out

i left out his end chords, because it's just a flourish of A D & E.

tab by ervin roscoe
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