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George Jones - She Loved Alot In Her Time chords

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She Loved A Lot In Her Time
   Verse: 1                                       By: George Jones
G                                                           C                 G
I started drinking and acting crazy way back in 65

Mama Would Pray And Say Hes My baby
C                                    D
Lord Please Keep Him alive
Sister Came Home with two little children
C                                 G
Her Man had left her alone

Mama knew too well the hurt she was feeling 
            D                                        G 
Cause Daddyd been gone for so long
                                      C                D
We all did our part to add to her pain
       G                                                        D
We all broke her heart but she never complained
She Loved A lot in her time
                                             C              D
She watched love grow and die on the vine
       G                                                          C
She stood in the shadows so others could shine
 G                   D               G
She Loved A lot In Her Time

Tabbed By:Josh Williams
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