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George Jones - Here We Are chords

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Here We Are

If you say that you've been searchin' for a place you've never been
            D                    G
Aw, here it is, darlin', here it is.
And when you're down there at the bottom and you're lookin' out for a friend
       D                   G  G7
Here I am, darling, here I am.

      C					  G
We've both grown tired of running after rainbows
        D                     G
Here we are, darling, here we are.

(change key to D. Chords: D A D7 G) 
If it feels like you've been driftin' and you don't know where you've been
Come on in, you can come on in.
And if all you've seen is back roads that leads you out of town
Turn 'round, darling, turn 'round.

Here we are, here we are...
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