George Jones - Seasons Of My Heart chords

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N.C.           C
 The seasons come, the seasons go  
                          F        C
We get a little sunshine, rain and snow  
Just the way that it was planned to be  
But there's no seasons in my heart 
                   F       C
While you play the leading part  
                     G             C
For the flowers will bloom eternally.  
     F                             C
Your leaving, it will bring autumn sorrow  
And my tears like withered leaves will fall  
    F                                   C
But spring, it could bring some glad to-morrow  
                        G           C
And darlin' we could be happy after all.  
 As it is in natures' plan 
                   F     C
No season gets the upper hand 
How I tried to keep this fact in mind  
The trees are bare, the cold winds blow  
                  F         C
And by experience we should know  
                           G                  C
That winter comes, but the spring is close be-hind.  
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