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George Strait - True tab

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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:44:23 -0400
Subject: s/strait_george/true.crd

Title: True
Performed by: George Strait
On the album: One Step At A Time

Intro:  G G D C   G G D C

True in this modern world when two lovers get together

Chances of 'em ever makin' it to forever

D							G     C D
Couldn't be better than two in a million hearts.

Girl, this ain't just another run of the mill emotion

What I'm feelin' is the definition of devotion

D				G
My love for you is true


True like the sun comin' up each morning

Bright as the light in a baby's smile

Sure as a mountain river windin'

Right as the rain fallin' from the sky

Em       D        C      G		G D C
Girl, my love for you is true

True not another minute on this earth can be borrowed

So there's no way to know when I'll live my last tomorrow

D					 G	  C D
But everyday I get I'll share with you

This feelin just keeps gettin' stronger as the time goes by

It's written on my face you can see it in my eyes

D		     G
My love for you is true.

*Chorus*  G G D C

*Chorus again*  G G D C  G G D C
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