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George Strait - Arkansas Dave tab

Song: Arkansas Dave
Artist: George Strait
Album: Twang
Year: 2009


C               G      C
He rode up on a winter day
C                  G           C
Steam risiní off a streak face bay
F                 C       F
Said you probably know my name
C                 G        C
If you donít itís Arkansas Dave

C                    G     C
He talked of fifteen years ago
C                  G      C
And how he got the bay he rode
F                       C  F
Said he killed a man in Ohio
      C                   G        C
First man he killed first horse he stole

         F             C        F
It was a long road for Arkansas Dave
   C                 G        C
He shot and left him where he laid
             F                 C      F
He said heíd never forget that winter day
C                G            F
He rode off on a streak faced bay

C                G         C
I stood up and I shook his hand
C                  G         C
Told no one that I knew this man
F              C    F
Started makiní up a plan
C                     G        C
Bout how Iíd deal him his last hand

C                    G       C
Didnít take him long to come unwound
C                       G       C
He jumped up and gunned two men down
F              C         F
Ran outside to leave the town
C                        G     C
But oleí bay was nowhere to be found

Key Shift: D

  D                A     D
I head out with my forty four
    D                   A           D
And when he walked back through the door
  G                 D        G
I shot till I could shoot no more
         D              A      D
And Dave Rudabough fell to the floor

           G                   D        G
It was the end of the road for Arkansas Dave
  D                 A        D
I shot and left him where he laid
     G                 D      G 
Iíll never forget that winter day
   D            A            D
I rode off on a streak faced bay
        G                 D      G
No Iíll never forget that winter day
       D                    A           D
When I rode home on Daddyís streak face bay

*p = pull off
 h = hammer on

**First Tab...found the chords, made the actual intro tab. I always listen to George, 
so I'm pretty sure it's right, just listen to the song for the rhythms and minor 
changes in chord locations. 
Here is a link to it: . Thanks! 

***The intro isn't in the beginning of the link above, but you can hear it 
at 0:56 seconds. Listen close, it is pretty STRAIT forward.
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