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George Strait - I Aint Her Cowboy Anymore chords

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Artist: George Strait 
Song Title: I Ain't Her Cowboy Anymore

Capo 1 

Intro C F C F


I pack my saddle throw it that two horse trailer
F                                       C
Back up my truck hook 'em up and drive away 
Won't be the first time but this times the last time
F                                                  C  
She meant it when she said it that's all I've got to say
G                                 G7
Never have been thrown like this before
G                  C        
I ain't her cowboy anymore

Never saw it comin' but i knew where it was goin'
When she asked how long this time before I hit the road
She didn't come right out and say it but i sure got the message
When i reached out to hold her that shoulder sure was cold
Figured I'd just let goodbye run it's course
I ain't her cowboy anymore

These white lines are a blur 
Like the last few nights I spent with her
  Am                      G             F
I don't know where I went wrong or if I did
Like the good ol' boy I am
I told her that I understand 
    Am                G               F
But lord knows that I won't long as I live
      Dm                            G
Seems lately every time it rains it pours 
I ain't her cowboy anymore

We met in Denver settled down in Dallas
The best days of my life were the ones I spent with her
You'd think that all that lovin' ought to count for something
Guess I wore out my welcome like the rowels of these old spurs
That Casper sunset's what I'm shootin' for
Cause I ain't her cowboy anymore


Her cowboy anymore
I ain't her cowboy
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