George Strait - By The Light Of A Burning Bridge chords

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Intro: D-Bm-A-D 2x

Verse 1:
D                Bm        A           D             Bm     A
  Oh, I've been stumblin' through the darkness,
D                    Bm         A       D            Bm     A
  Tryin' to feel the ground beneath my feet
D                      Bm   A      D                 Bm     A
  Afraid of movin' much in any direction,
D                 Bm           A          D          Bm
  Stuck where the past and the future meet

But I...
        G                 D
Chorus:   Finally got my first good look,
A                    D
   A little fire is all it took
G                         D
   And as the flames grew brighter, 
I saw everything that I missed
G                    D
   Once you get your courage up, 
A                             Bm
   You light a match and your eyes adjust...
      G             D
It's amazing what a man can see
        Bm        A                D            Bm-A-D-Bm-A
By the light of a burning bridge

Verse 2: There were things I saw that I'm not proud of

Things that I'd do different now from then

But when I really make myself get honest,

It's over, and I can't go back again

'Cause I...

Repeat Chorus:
            A                            G                  D
Bridge: It sure is hard to let go, and to leave the past behind
          Em              D/F#            G                   A
But there ain't no other way that you can find some peace of mind

Well I...

Repeat Chorus:

It's amazing what a man can see by the light of a burning bridge...

Outro same as intro 

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