Geroge Barnett - Lone Rose chords

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A chords             F#m                      E-C#m D  
She runs with hell, she destroys me with her eyes closed   (It Repeats Whole Song)

I want to kill her, I want to kill my lone rose 

So when I find her in fashions ugly trend 
They say the hottest love has the coldest end 
I’ll make it her end 

Well it used to be a case of texting you to find out 
The symbol of your being or the farewells of your mind 
But the streets are my narcotics, the fields my only truth 
In this cycle of a lonely day, round and round, I think... 
I think I need you 
But I feel older than I should, and Jesus knows 
I can’t even picture my own future anymore 
And I hate time - it passes faster than it should 
So in my mind I’m just fifteen with vivid dreams and clean enthusiasm 
And I need love 

You walk in beauty like the night of cloudless climbs and starry skies 
And I know, I know 
Cause I can see God in your eyes and all that’s best of dark and bright 
Oh, yeah 
So I get up out of my car, take the hose from the exhaust and play guitar 
Until I smile - yeah, I’m there for while 
I’ve escaped again so close, so close but I’ll never let you know just how far 
No I’ll never let you know baby 

This valley of divine, with you and me stood by a lemon tree 

From alpha to delta, through fury and pain 
If love’s suppose to be shelter, I think I’ll walk in the rain 
Oh, I think I’ll walk in rain, oh, I think I’ll walk in rain 
I prefer to be drenched anyway 

They promised so much
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