Get Up Kids - Like A Man Possessed chords

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                             LIKE A MAN POSESSED - The Get Up Kids

Tuning:Standard Tuning. Capo on 2.

All Chords relative to Capo


   Em            Am              C             B7

Then play chords


Em Am        C          B7
I    go on forever
Em     Am            C        B7
 Older burns are overturned
Em  Am                C       B7
 My life for worse or better
Em        Am            C    B7
 I'm just craving for a cure


C       B7       Em
 Like a man possessed
 A requiem 
 We're singing

[Repeat Intro 2x] 

[2nd Verse, same as the first]

 Hide the misdemeanors
 Never lead an open life
 My hands were never cleaner
 Not a trace for you to find

     Em          Am
 Say it, does it show?
C                          B7
 Is this test in any other time?
   Em          Am
 I know, but I don't
     C                    B7
 I'm blind in every other eye
      Em            Am
 Cold hands, colder smoke
    C                 B7
 We sleep anywhere we lie
        Em           Am
 You're lying if you don't
   C            B7
 I'll try, I'll try

Am             C             B7  
(Tone down and then increase during the 8 chorus)
 [Chorus x8]
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