Gin Wigmore - If Only chords

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Hi yall, didn't see this easy song here so thought i'd try to chord it. Sounds 
nicer plucked in bar chords imho

"If Only"

[Verse 1:]

F              Am
He~elp me, I'm losing
Dm                                  Bb   Bbm
To the ghosts in my head I am fighting
F          Am
Waiting on answers
Dm                    Bb  Bbm
I can't win this on my o~own

Bb        C
Oh, but I bleed
F              Am
For someone to believe me
Bb       C
And see what I see

F                   Dm
If only, if only my head would let me free
Bb                  Bbm
Then would you take a chance on me
F                   Dm
If only your story was who I wanna be
Bb                  Bbm
If only you would roll it all on me

And so on and so forth. 
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