Giorgos Xristou - Mesa Sta Matia Sou chords

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I looked up the web for some chords for this song, but I wasn't able to find any. So 
is my version, transcribed by ear. Enjoy, and criticize if you happen to find any flaws :)

Am                F
Poso, poso sí agapao
          C             G
opu ke na pao tha se skefto
Am                   F
svino, svino to paron mu
             C                G
psahno stí oniro mu gia na se vro

Am       F         C         G        Am
Mesa sta matia su boro o,ti zitiso na vro
     F             C         G      Am
kati megalo kati mikro pio dinato
       F           C          G        Am
Mesa sta matia su boro olo ton kosmo na do
F        G        Am
ekii na hatho na litrotho
  F      G       Am
eki na hatho na onirefto

Liono, liono sto kormi su
giortazo sto fili su to sí agapo
Dosí mu, dosí mu mia pnoi su
mesa apí ti zoi su tha gennitho

Repeat Chorus

And it goes along with the same chords for the whole song. For the final part you might 
barre chords (Am barre, F barre, C barre, G barre), or power chords. You might as well 
with the same open chords - it's your choice.
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