Girls Cant Catch - Happy Alone Acoustic chords

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So far i have only managed to work out part of it but ill post the rest once i 
figured it out. i figured this out by ear so it might not be 100% correct.

Cappo 2

Intro: (Muted) E, D, Am

Verse: (Muted) E, D, Am

weve come a long long way to be where we are today uh uh uh
and its a long way back from here if you walk away
cause if you wanted it bad like i wanted it bad youd be here till the end
i didnt put in the time to have you changing your mind i dont wanna be friends


i said you can be lonely if you want me to go
cause youll never know what it is that you want and im taking control
so you can be lonely with somebody who cares
cause youll never know what you had till its gone and theres nobody there

E,D, Am
i hope your happy alone
i hope your happy alone 

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