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Girls Generation - Oscar chords

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{INTRO} Dm, F, E, A
         Dm              F           E
[Taeyeon] Geu kick I shimjangeul mak cha
     A        Dm         F         E      A
Teojyeo beorige
               Dm                 F          E 
[Sooyoung] Kwi jjijeul deut han high hat
     A          Dm       F      E     A
Nal karo unde

[Seohyun] Deul tteun energizer
Geurae nan synchronizer
[Hyoyeon] Volume deo keuge ollyeo bwa
Come on, boy
             Dm            F           E         A
[All] It's twinkle, twinkle, Up in the sky (like O S C A R)
     Dm         F            E        A
Nega gidaryeo on super storm (like O S C A R)
[Seohyun] Da nuni beonjjeok tteuyeot ji
Jeongshin eobshi jungdok dwaetji
[All] Hey Hey Hey neon imi nae sone Oscar

Repeated chords.

If you'd like to sound just a little more accurate, play the chord Bb in between chords E and A .
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