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Girls In Hawaii - Casper Acoustic tab

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* Artist : Girls In Hawaii
* Album : From Here To There
* Song : Casper
* Tabbed by : biglice33

Hi this is my first tab. I hope it's correct 
and you'll love it.
We have to play the song with a capo on 7, with an acoustic 
guitar (if you want to play it with an electric guitar with 
the CD, that's better if you put the capo on 6 but it doesn't 
sound really good ; I think the best if you want to play it in 
a band is with an acoustic guitar, capo on 7...)
Enjoy !

Chords :

    Am           Esus4            G              C
e---1------    e----------    e---3------    e----------
B---2------    B---2------    B--(3)-----    B---1------
G---2------    G---2------    G----------    G----------
D----------    D----------    D----------    D---2------
A----------    A----------    A---2------    A---3------
E----------    E----------    E---3------    E----------

Intro : Am Esus4 Am G C G 
[ Tab from: ]
Am        G   C   G     Am    Esus4 Am
Hunting days are now a shame
Am        G   C   G     Am    
To see somebody ambition to me
C          Am
Roots your hair
G                  C
Keep me on my mean star
There's a chance

Am        G   C   G     Am    Esus4 Am

Am    G  C    G
Wait for a friend
Am        G    C   G
They say are your feet
 Am    G    C      G
Far great to the bombs
Am  G   C        G
No one and on my own
C      Am
Dream away
G                  C
Keep me on my mean stone
There's my chance

I hide away   C  E  Am   Esus4 <--- last time you don't play it

G       C
Got the attitude
G            C
Host it on my back door
G       C
Got the attitude
G            C
Host it on my back door
Am G C G Am (Esus4) 

End on Am.
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