Girls In Hawaii - Catwalk chords

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Girls in Hawaii- Catwalk
By JoFFraY “Disco rocK”
Capo 3

Am  C Am C  G Am G F Am


Am		      C
Wish today you never met 
Am	        C	       G	     Am	    G	   F
We could say it all I tried You're kidding

Wish today never met
Cause we could said it all I tried
No way, I don't care if you do, cause I had decided

    G      F	  Am	Dm	G	F	Am	C	G
Mmh catwalk, down away, you may dare, gone away
Mmh quiet in paradise

(idem first part)
Where to go, don't we grow
In my head, don't you know
Here we grow, where to time
We don't care I've no time
Mmh I don't know

		  C      G	 Am      F
We get someday

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