Girls In Hawaii - Misses chords

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Misses - Girls In Hawaii
(chords, no capo, standard tuning)

Intro/Verse/inter-Verse: Bm F#m
Chorus: A G A [G Em] A
Outro: [Bm F#m]

Bm                  F#m
There is always the sound,
Are you hearing it too
How it's weird living inside the town.
Empty days without you.

Bm                F#m
There is always a fall
But it happened too soon.
How can I see the living all around,
When I struggle with you

Bm                F#m
There is always a clock
Gods beyond, by the curve
What's the point to give in
To desperation? to desperationů

Youth in the sun drowned in broken seas
Cruising the summer sands
Despite all the bruises coming from the side
      G                     Em            A
You'll always be young and amused (and amused)

Bm            F#m
I miss you...

(Ending:) Bm D

Note 1: As an intro and during the verses, you can play these chords: [Bm Bm/D] F#m.
So accentuating the D in the Bm chord, before changing to F#m.

Note 2: Alternatively, you can play with a capo on the 2nd fret (more comfortable) if 
you prefer, with these chords:
Intro/Verse/inter-Verse: Am Em *
Chorus: G F G [F Dm] G
Outro: [Am Em]
(Ending with Am C )

*This time (referring to the Note 1), accentuating the C in the Am chord, before 
changing to Em:
[Am Am/C] Em

All my respect and all the credits go to the Girls in Hawaii, sharing with us the 
emotions of their loss.
Supporting them as much as we enjoy their songs is the least we can do:
For the clip:
Their page:
And website:
On iTunes:
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