Girls - Broken Dreams Club chords

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Verse: C/G, Em, Dm, Dm7, G
Chorus: C/G, C/B, Am, Am/G, F, Dm, Dm7, G...
Break: C/G, F, F#, G...

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it's hard enough to be alone
Em                                              Dm      Dm7
it's harder still to spend so long looking for happiness
feeling so restless

I know you feel like I do too
Em                                           Dm      Dm7
even though I'm close to you I can't be what you need
you're just as lost as me

C/G     C/B        Am        Am/G          F             C/G
I just want to get high but everything keeps bringing me down
    Dm       Dm7       G         F         C/G
if you know something I don't, come on and help me out

       C/G                         F  F# G                C/G  F  C/G G   
but I just don't understand how the world keeps going nowhere

there's still so many people poor
can't get my head around this war, all of this senselessness
feeling so hepless

so many people live and die
and never even question why all of their dreams are gone
how can they carry on

I would like some peace of mind, I've got such a heavy heart
and you were broken down before you had a chance to start

and I just don't understand how the world keeps going nowhere

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