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Girlyman - St Peters Bones chords

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 G              D
Growing tired, barely walking
  Em          D
Walking over this sweet grave 
 C                 G
Winds grew bolder, bruised my shoulder 
Not much left to say 

 G                   D
Sweet and spare now, holy sparrow 
 Em           D
Singing softly outside 
 C                G
When it's colder, we'll feel older 
Not much left to hide 

       Em   C            G
We are breathing, we are seething 
       Em      C   D
We are hardly underway 
         G    D             G   C
We have high hopes like the old popes 
     G           D      G
Even St. Peter's bones decay 

        G                D
In the old times, we made up rhymes 
     Em              D
To sing ourselves to sleep at night 
        C                   G
It was wild means, singing horse dreams 
Did nothing wrong and nothing right 


 Em    C           G
Making wishes like wine 
 Em              G      D
Losing sleep and losing time 
Em     C         G
Maybe silver or green 
 C                   D
The world alive, the world unseen 

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