Glee Cast - To Sir With Love chords

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All righty just play it in a moderate pop feel. 
Any questions? Just send a pm to me
Words by DON BLACK

PS: For the chords that have "/" in between, dont rely on the auto chord system, 
manually find them yourself.

A E7

Those school girl days
B         D                   A          
of telling tales and biting nails are gone.

But in my mind
B          D      A         
I know they will still live on and on.
G#              C#m       C#m/[ch]B#[/ch]     
But how do you thank someone who has
G#                       C#m
taken you from crayons to perfume?
B             E               B                  F# 
Oh, it isn't easy but I'll try ___________________
        B                      A                        B  
If you wanted the sky, I would write across the sky in let-
          A                     B   
ters that would soar a thousand feet high,__________ "To_
E                    F#
_sir,__________ with____ love."_______________________
A                  B
That time has come, for closing 
D                  A
books and long last looks must end.

__________And as I leave,____
B              D           A
   I know that I am leaving my best friends;
G#             C#m         
  A friend who taught me right from wrong,  and - 
G#                           C#m          B     
__ weak from strong That's a lot to learn    What can I 
E                   B              F#
Give you in return?___________________ If you
B                         A                   B                 A  
wanted the moon, I would try to make a start, but I____ would rath-
               B                  E   
er you let me give my heart___ To__ sir,_____ with____

A E7 A
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