Glee Cast - Only Child chords

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Only Child - Rachel Berry(Glee Cast)

Standard tuning, Capo 1st fret.

Intro: G

           G        G/B
You've got just one egg
           C                 D
You're not going to make an omelette
         G        G/B
Flying just one way
            C                D
You're not going to make a jet set

Am      Bm        C              D
Sister, brother, wherefore are thou?
            Am        Bm    C         D
No need for bunk beds in my bedroom, now

    C          G
Oh, damn you, dads
             D	             G
Why did you settle for only me?
        C    Em
I'm an only child
          F                          C         D
More than enough for them, but not enough for me

G           G/F	         Eb      C
Only child, only child, only child

Bb              C            G
The only berry on my family tree

It's originally written for piano but to make it more guitar-y you can change the G/B to 
a Bm in the verse.
The D on "bedroom, NOW" is some variation of Dsus version but I can't figure it out. 
Comment if you know which variation of D it is. Tricky chord that one!


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