Glen Hansard - Talking With The Wolves tab

Talking With the Wolves
Capo 2

The 1st verse in this song is tricky.  During the intro you do not play the 2nd or 4th
chord.  Both the intro and verse are finger-picked.  This tab isn't perfect, but it is a
good start.  I watched a performance by Glen and kind of figured it out from there.  If 
you have any corrections they are certainly welcome.

Verse 1:
*2nd chord is only played in passing

Am7                          C
And love, that given freely
Am7                            Em
It doesnít hide, it only changes
Am7                          C
And love, that taken easy
Am7                            Em
It has to hide, in these exchanges

Verse 2:
Am7                              G
Glory, donít get trampled underfoot
Donít tell yourself youíre out so much
Sometimes words wonít be enough
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