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Gman Blues - Miricle On Fourth Street tab

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Here is the Tab Miracle on Fourth Street  found on G-man’s “G-force” Album
You can hear the song at

Miracle on Fourth Street  
Words and Music by Gary “gman” Wesselhoff
As Performed by gman Blues

h    = hammer
p    = pull off
b    = bend
(B7) = chord

1) Chi-town woman walkin' down the steet.

Red hot pepper movin' to the city beat.
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Traffic slowin' gonna take a look; Chi-town woman got everybody shook.
              A                               B7                                   E
Chorus: She's got the motion, she's got the movement...
              A                               B7                                    E
Chorus: She's got the motion, she's got the movement...

2) I was just hangin' around; not much goin' down uptown.

She walked by with her hair flowin' back.

'bout to give me a heart attack!



Iron workers lookin' down
at that site gracin' the ground.
There's a young buck with his wife; 
I'll bet he's contemplating his life.
Old Layer about to defend--wishes he was 20 again. 
Homeless man bumin' a buck; 
wishes she would change his luck. 
Hare Krisha no shoes on his feet; 
knows his flowers don't smell as sweet. 
There's a cop workin' the street—
even he is missing a beat.

Now she's gone I'll get back to my post--just hangin' around. 
When I heard a four car crash a few blocks down.

© 2006 Gman Blues
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