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Gman Blues - Happy Birthday Baby tab

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Here is the Tab Happy Birthday Baby found on G-man’s “G-force” Album
You can hear the song at

Happy Birthday Baby
Words and Music by Gary “gman” Wesselhoff
As Performed by gman Blues
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C  F G
C  F G
C  F G
Dm Em F G
Happy Birthday
F           G       C
Another year's gone by
Still good looking 
F      G   C
My hw time flies!
We're all wondering 
F       G    Dm         Em F          G
Were you suprised to see us baby?
Am                       Em
We all came out on your special day
Fm                  Cmaj       
standing 'round this bright birthday cake
Am              Em
waitin' for the wish you will make
Dm     Em F     G
hope it's happy baby

© 2006 Gman Blues

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