Gnarly Whales - Flo Rider Live chords

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This song is from Umatilla, Fl folk-punk group Gnarly Whales' first album, "Unicorns of 
Sea" (Track 4).
For more on them, visit here:
or here:
 It sounds like the G's are played as a standard barre chord (first finger barring the 
fret, other three fingers making an "E" shape), while the others are open chords.
Strumming starts out slow and speeds up during the chorus.

  Intro: G D G D

G                               D
Howdy Y'all we come from the South

    G                            D
The land of oranges and Mickey Mouse

    G                                                D
And we don't think it's very nice, you send your grandparents here to die

     G                                               D
Got the first gay governor, education's a real bum- mer

     G                  D
Got Gators, Hurricanes, shark attacks

                 G                D7
Not much our state really lacks, but

            G     D      Em         C
 Chorus: F***   y'all  we're from  Florida (X3)

Ted Bundy killed in '74
It kind of really opened the door
for the death penalty and to this day
in Florida you don't get away.
Swamp Cabbage man, lives on East 50
in the woods with all the hippies
Bible thumpers all live in fear
of gay days coming once a year


Tallahassee is our capital
Key West filled with homosexuals
Daytona has under-aged breasts
Gainesville (?) all the best
Miami is a . . . I f***ed up the words . . .
Orlando is a tourist magnet
Jacksonville not much to say
You can visit but please don't stay

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