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Go-betweens - Just A King In Mirrors tab

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"Just A King In Mirrors"
The Go-Betweens
You can find that song on the bonus disc of the remasered version of the brilliant album "Before Hollywood".

Verse 1:

E        B          E
Sold his wallet for kerosene
E       B        E
Fuel to burn his friends
E      B            E
Angels stained with nicotine
E       B      E
Sing for his defence


F#m  A
He   waits
G#m  B
He   waits
    E       B          F#m    A       E
The saddest thing he's just a king in mirrors

Verse 2:

Holds a bottle for a sceptre
Sits on a barstool throne
An empty bootle reveals the spectre
Of a past without a home

Refrain: ...

Reflection hurts but numbs the hours
His ex-chauffeur runs the town
A peeling room with faded flowers 
A scrapbook and his crown

Refrain: ...
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