Go Radio - All I Can Give You chords

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Verse 1:
C             G            F            G
boxes and bows full of ribbons and clothes
        C       G             F     G
set up neatly beneath the tree
        C             G            F           G
with a tag on each one saying santa has come
        C                          F
but where are the ones from me?

Pre Chorus:
            Am          F               C               
Oh how I wanted the lights in your eyes to be mine
  Am            F              G
I wanted the look on your face

Chorus 1:
All I can give is this christmas song to you
        C/B             Am
I just hope that you'll sing it
whenever your heart skips a beat
while you're thinking of me
and if the greetings this season will bring 
            C/B          Am
leave you searching for meaning
you will look to the words I have written
and you'll be set free
                Am           F                C
you have to know that I can't let you down
               Am               F                      C 
it's you and me versus the rest of this town
                Am              F       C
and when the lights go out i'll still be around
to put a bow on some sounds

thats all I can give you this christmas

C       G       F       G

Verse 2:
        C               G                   F           G
and I know that to you its just jewellery and shoes
        C               G               F        G
but to me they're the smile on your face
                 C                      G               F             G 
cause baby you've been the glue and the nails and the screws
            C                            F
that have managed to keep me in place

Pre Chorus:
        Am      F             C
so I wanted a gift for my lady in white 
      Am                F            G
but all I could bring you tonight

Chorus 2:

           Am            E
And i'm hoping that a melody
will let you know
        Am              E
that i'm waiting for a christmas kiss
with mistletoe

cause baby thats all I can give is

Chorus 3
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