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Gob - Were All Dying chords

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We're All Dying
Muertos Vivos
Submitted by:

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C#m - x46654
A -   x02220  
E -   022100
B -   x24442
F#m - 244222
Ebm - x68876

Intro: C#m--

Verse 1: Chordless
We feel sick
Broken down
Drug ourselves
No one cares
We curse you all
We curse ourselves
In hopes we fall

Verse 2:
F#m                E
Friday night and I made the best of it
B                     C#m
I passed out before I could invest in it
F#m            E
Understand, it won't make sense
    B             C#m
But I don't value innocence
B                C#m
I don't hope for anything

C#m      A        E
  Enemy, fuck the clique
             F#m    C#m
Come on over to our side
               A     E
We're the same just afraid
What's the difference
     F#m       C#m A
When we're all dead

Verse 3: Chordless
Oh my god, we're so set
In our own ways 
that we forget
We are insignificant
We'll be gone
Soon be forgotten

Verse 4:
When you said to me
I was dead to you
I accepted that
I disagreed with you
What we want
We don't know
Give us cages
Let us go
Give us cages
Let us go

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Guitar Solo: 
E-C#m-Ebm-C#m-Ebm-C#m-F#m--E--F#m-- x6

Interlude: C#m--

(Repeat Chorus twice)

C#m A         E
    we're all dead
F#m       C#m A E 
we're all dead
F#m       C#m(hold)
we're all dead
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