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How Far Shallow Takes You
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb - x68886
Fm - 133111
Cm - x35543
G# - 466544
Bb - x13331

Intro: Eb-Fm-Cm-G#- x2

Verse 1:
Eb               Fm
  this bridge is falling down 
    Cm           G#
and just like it was before
Eb    Fm       Cm        G#
  its bad, and I made it recur
Eb            Fm
  crossed the bridge and 
   Cm          G#
it caught my attention
Eb   Fm      Cm         G#
  an ocean diluting frustration
Eb      Fm
  so I smashed it down in 
Cm           G#
search of contentment
Eb       Fm       Cm       G#
  I fell down and into the ocean
Eb    Fm        Cm        G#
  now I am wet, shivering wasted
Eb      Fm           Cm    G#
  and I recognize my degeneration

Eb                        Fm Cm G# Bb
  I can see so clearly now
Eb                                 Fm Cm G# Bb
  that I'm searching for simplicity
Eb                          Fm Cm G# Bb
  I can face the problem now
  as I look into the mirror
Fm Cm   G#   Bb
I  don't hate you

Verse 2:
Eb     Fm          Cm     G#
  as a crutch when I am dependent
Eb        Fm      Cm        G#
  I reach out and it wont reject me
Eb     Fm      Cm            G#
  as a blanket when you need warmth
Eb      Fm            Cm             G#
  it surrounds me but it still feels cold

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: Guitar Solo
Eb-Fm-Cm-G#- x8
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