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Gob - Burying Your Past tab

		           Burying your past - Gob
Tabbed by: Pothole (Gaza Attwood)
Song: Burying Your Past
Band: GOB
Album: How Far Shallow Takes You

Verse pt1
e -------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------|
G -------------------------------------|
D 5----------6----------3-333333333333-|  Thru all of this part, palm muting
A 5----------6----------3-333333333333-|  is used at random intervals, just
E 3----------4----------1-111111111111-|  the song to pick it up. Also, the
   You used to shine like a.....        rhythm alters, but its all the same
Verse pt2                               chord.
e --------------------------------|
B --------------------------------|
G --------------------------------|
D 333333333333--8--------3--------|
A 333333333333--8--------3--------|
E 111111111111--6--------1--------|
   ......Theres nothing left for me inside
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ----3-33-----5-55---------88------------------88--------------88------1010-|
D 555-3-33--33-5-55--555-88-88-10101010-555-888-88-10101010-888-88-888--1010-|
A 555-1-11--33-3-33--555-88-66-10101010-555-888-66-10101010-888-66-888---8-8-|
E 333-------11-------333-66-----8-8-8-8-333-666-----8-8-8-8-666----666-------|
  So many times i fell on my face........................Burying your past

Guitar 2
e  ------------------------------------|
B  ------------------------------------|
G  ------------------------------------|
D  ------------------------------------|
A  5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3-5-3-|
E  ------------------------------------|

This is played over the ending of part A

Verse pt1
Verse pt2
Verse pt1
Verse pt2
Verse pt1 with Guitar 2 overlay
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