God Help The Girl - Im In Love With The City chords

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There's some tabbed version of the intro and bridge at the bottom.

Gm D Gm Gm

       Gm                          D
I'm in love with the city.  I'm in love with the boy.
      Eb                       C                    
Gotta put it on record.  Gotta write a new song.
            Bb                        Eb                D     D7
There ain't no way around it, he's in love with another girl

      Gm                             D
I'm a wreck, I'll admit it.  I can't eat when he's near.
        Eb                            C
And I'm so tired and nervous that you better stay clear.
      Bb                   Eb                 D     D7
Leave me to the company of me if I can't have him

    Bb                        F
I'm trying to be tender.  I'm trying to be cool.
  Eb                        Bb
I laugh at my own jokes.  I laugh like a fool.
There ain't no doubt about it.  
     Gm                    Ab    Ab G Gb F
He's in with his life-long girl

Gm                        D
What chance do I have?  A cat's chance in hell.
         Gm       Gm Gm
I better take it

Gm      C    
D   C   Gm
             Gm                        D
I'm going to write him a letter, gonna put it in words.
      Eb                       C
Gonna make it official.  Gonna make it absurd.
Hold up then, there a second, girl. 
        Eb                     D    D7
You'll spoil what you have to do

          Gm                             D
They're a sweet loving couple. How could you come between?
        Eb                           C
All the talk and the tenderness, the love and the feeling
    Bb                     Eb                   D       D7
His eyes start to sparkle--sparks for the other girl.

       Bb                         F
I'm in love with his face. I'm in love with his eyes.
        Eb                                 Bb
I could eat them for breakfast. Boy, would he be surprised.
      Cm                        Gm                 Ab  Ab G Gb F
If he knew how I felt, it would spoil any chance I had.

Gm                           D
What chance is that?  Itís a cat's chance in hell.
I better take it

Hereís something you can play for the intro and the bridge.
Itís not exactly what all those horns are playing, but it will do.

Gm             D             Gm    Gm

Gm                        C                     D

        C        Gm
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